Unlike the Portuguese tax regime for non-habitual residents, which is very favorable to non-employees including retirees, the Spanish regime known as Beckham, named after the famous footballer, offers very lenient taxation to a foreign employee who performs an employment contract in Spain.


In Spain, an ordinary resident does not have a better tax situation than in France, although it is appreciable not to pay wealth or inheritance tax in some of the 17 autonomous regions.

On the other hand, if an employee displaced by his employer or a Frenchman who creates a company, has a pay sheet, he can, if he has not resided in Spain for the last ten years, join for six years. maximum, to the Beckham and paying only 24% tax on his income in Spain, with a total exemption from tax on his assets and income outside Spain.

The European who has assets, particularly financial assets, can thus, for limited periods in various countries of the zone, reduce their taxation to around 20%, including on their significant income, financial income from shares and bonds still undergoing a withholding tax in the country of listing.

The attractiveness of the Beckham, which has been stable since 2008, is undeniable, and while it is running, Spain does not make any inquiries, inquiries or taxes on all of your global assets and income.